Can a Massage Gun Reduce Cellulite?

Many people struggle with cellulite or cottage cheese things, especially during summer vacations when beaches are full and very light dressing is there. It may be a matter of embarrassment for some people, especially women, to not wear those clothes as they were once able to. If you are self-conscious, which you may, you might have already tried to get rid of cellulite by various remedies. Some other techniques like manual lymph drainage massage and surgical procedures, but the one discussed in this article is the best.  In this particular review, we will be talking about the effects of massage gun on cellulite and can it be used to reduce cellulite?

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is concentrated fat accumulated on particular regions of your body like thighs,  buttocks, and hip regions. Skin gets bulged and loses the sleek and slender look it previously had. It results in uneven, attractive, and sometimes orange shaped skin.

What makes cellulite happen?

Your skin is directly attached to the muscles of your body via a direct connective tissue. Cellulite happens when fat layers get deposited in between these connective tissues. It makes skin look wrinkled due to loose contact with muscles. It may reach a significant level when a specific part of your body gets bulged, wrinkled, and dimpled. It is common in people struggling with weight. But it isn’t genuinely confined to obese people, and skinny people may also fall prey. Studies found this problem more common in women. Many factors contribute to cellulite in any gender, like genetic mutations, obesity, and more.

Can a massage gun help to reduce cellulite?

This technique has proven very useful among other methods, including physical hardships and changing your diet plan. It requires minimal effort and strains on your body while limiting the cellulite. The use and practicality of massage or percussion guns are beneficial in helping cellulite. It transcends deep pulses to the subjected area. These pulses distort the fat layers and dissolve them merely by increasing the blood flow in that area and loosening their connection with the skin.  Various factors like the technique you use with a massage gun, the massage gun used, and lifestyle changes to adopt for the most optimal results. Now let’s discuss these factors.

1.  Right percussion method

There may be some personal preferences for everyone, and here we will discuss the most effective technique to get rid of cellulite. Ensure that you don’t just leave the massage gun on the site and apply light pressure when massaging through the massage gun. Supplement the massage process by gently pinching your skin and let it squeeze in naturally. Give your body time to heal. Don’t limit yourself to deep vibrations. Use massage techniques in variations for optimal results. If you focus on just one style, you might find it similar to the gym folks that always keep making efforts on only one part of the body. Use rolling cushions for massage provided in your massage gun toolkit. It will second the fat loss process. For sensitive skin like the abdomen, massaging helps remove the extra fluid from the cells, toxins, and harmful chemicals. It results in a firm, enlighted, and smooth skin. The massage should follow in intervals and be done repeatedly to achieve the best results. Experts recommend using it thrice a week. You wouldn’t want to do it over because it can turn the potential benefits into more detrimental outcomes.

2.  Right massage gun

There are hundreds of massage guns listed by various brands, and most of them don’t follow up with the advertised specs. So make sure before buying a massage gun that it has all qualities of a good massage gun. If we quantify what a good massage gun is, it needs to fulfill a good massage gun’s yardstick. It should be flexible enough to reach all parts of your body. It should have strong quality attachments with calculated dynamics to work effectively. It must be able to deliver strong vibration, which is possible through a strong vibration motor. It should also come in a bunch of tools and attachments to increase the feasibility of the user. It should help in suppressing lactic acid production and skin loosening.

Using a medically certified massage gun will help you restore the lost functions of connective tissues and reduce pain and swelling. Rolling and suctioning features provided by good massage guns make fat layers break the connection with connective tissues at a more excellent pace, which helps a lot in your glands’ fast recovery.

3.  Lifestyle changes

One cannot deny the extreme applications of massage guns, but little changes in lifestyle patterns will comprehend the process. Staying hydrated is one of the critical parts of helping with fat loss. Studies have favored that staying hydrated often flushes out toxins and improves metabolism, assisting in the fat loss process. Eight to ten days of water is suggested minimum for a day. It may be challenging to maintain these requirements, but you have to be conscious to get the desired results.

Apart from that, the food you eat directly affects you directly. There is a famous saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” So what you intake in your body will reach and nourish every cell of your body on a microscopic level. Eating healthy food will change the cellular structure of your cells. Eat healthy fruits, vegetables, and protein in your body. Avoid food that is high in concentrated and saturated fats. Cigarettes and  Drinks like alcohol add toxins to your body by putting an extra effort on your liver, kidneys, and lungs. Use organic foods and a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly; many people often think of exercise as going to the gym or running miles in the afternoon. The truth is you can build physical activity of any kind, which helps you burn calories. It can be as easy as playing badminton in the backyard or football practice in the evening.